Giveaway: Baking Tools!

"homemade" cookie stamp

My tiny little townhouse kitchen may LOOK trendy, and may well be a happy and fun place to gather, but it is atrociously annoying to actually cook in. Sadly I didn’t really cook(at all) when we bought this place, so I didn’t really think about the benefits of minor things like COUNTER SPACE. I have about 3 combined feet of counter space, broken up into 1 foot segments. Poor Sexy Husband, as you can imagine it is just impossible to cook without making a huge disaster(it’s not my fault, it’s the counter space!). Regardless of the lack of space, I still manage to cram every single drawer and cupboard full of cooking, particularly baking, knick knacks. I have a total weakness for things like cookie presses, icing tips and rolling pins. I am powerless to cake molds and mandolines. But my friends in the Village know that if they need a lemon zester, or a cake leveler, they can call me.

My mom (who is the Giver of Gifts) was recently in Seattle and brought me back a Cookie Stamp. SO FUN! So I tried out some cookies, a super basic rolled shortbread cookie, and stamped my little homemade sign into them. They were a big hit! I think I’ll be using it for the upcoming annual girls Christmas Cookie Exchange IronSister hosts(highlight of the season!)

All this got me thinking that I would like to give YOU, my friendly and lovely readers, one of my absolute favorite baking tool set. This miniature spatula set from Williams-Sonoma has by far been the most used tool in my baking life. Big spatulas are great, and I use them all the time, but these mini ones are perfect for icing things, scraping stuff off beaters, cleaning off edges of bowls or glasses displaying desserts, anything really. They are also the perfect size for the Little Hands that help me bake all the time.

williams-sonoma miniature spatula set

Here’s how you can win! Leave me a comment telling me what ingredient you would like to have recipes for(it could be that you have lots of pumpkin to use up, or are curious about cooking with beans, or what do you do with coconut milk – stuff like that), and I will enter your name into the draw. Also, if you are on twitter, which of course many of you are, then tweet about the giveaway and link the blog and I’ll enter you again! This way YOU win a prize and I find out what my readers would like to read about! Saturday night I’ll do the draw!

Happy Thursday my friends!