Thoughts On: Kindness

I don’t really consider myself a “New Years Resolution” type of girl. Generally I think that if something needs to be changed, or I want to try something, I just do it. Right then. Even though I say this every year, somehow some kind of New Years Inspiration always seems to find me. I don’t go out looking for it. I don’t usually deeply ponder what the next year of my life should be like(I do this early in Dec when my birthday seems like a crisis every year!). But when it comes to inspiriation, when I am looking the least, I am finding the most.

I have a number of friends who search for or choose a word to identify with for the year. Kind of like it’s “their” word to live out for the year. Such a nice idea. Usually my inspiration for the year doesn’t come in a word, but this year it did seem to find me in a quote. I don’t know where it came from. My mom said it to me and doesn’t know where she heard it originally. So if the quote belongs to someone who is still alive and who stumbles upon Fig&Fennel, my deepest apologies for not crediting you properly.

Here is what has struck me as deeply important for 2011.

“Kindness is greater proof of love than the most passionate of vows.”

I just love this. I am prone to grand declarations of how deeply important something is to me. I am prone to grand gestures in general: big dreams, the chasing of mystery, the world brushing my fingertips.

Much greater, much deeper, much more loving; to be prone to kindness.

In 2011, I will take hold of the tiny opportunities for kindness to show my love. I will value the simplicity of this: if you need love, and I need love, and kindness is the bridge, then let’s sit there a while.

I know that I’ve been made to love and embrace the extravagant. And truly I have no desire or intention of abandoning this Truth. But on days when I can’t go out and save the world. There will be kindness. Probably in the form of muffins.