Recipe: Mushroom Arugula Risotto

Mushroom Arugula Risotto

Can you believe this people?! I’m on a roll! The melting snow, the sunny skies, some upcoming adventures on the calendar, all seem to be helping some inspiration return to my life. And for this, I am so so grateful. I can tell I’m returning to myself because I keep trying to feed my friends. You’re stressed? I should feed you. You’re sad? I should feed you. You’re celebrating? I should feed you.

Here’s some stuff I’m working on for you: some beautiful sugar free desserts, a foodie review of BOSTON! (where I will be next week with IronSister as she runs the Boston Marathon), and of course I will be giving you an indepth guide to the new Calgary Farmers Market, when(if. sniff. sob) it opens!

But for today: a new risotto. I did this risotto a bit differently than my normal risotto. For one thing, no onion, which is usually a risotto staple. Second, I didn’t stir in parmesan at the end like most risottos called for, I stirred in some crumbled feta. The feta went great with the peppery arugula. Give it a try!

Mushroom Arugula Risotto

Serves 4

1/4 cup butter

2 cups coarsely chopped mushrooms

1 small zucchini, chopped

1.5 cups arborio rice

1/2 cup white wine

6 cups(or so) broth(chicken or veg) or water/broth mixed

large handful of arugula

1/2 cup crumbled feta

1 tbs chopped fresh rosemary

Directions: Heat broth in a small pot, until it’s just simmering. In a large pot melt the butter over medium heat. Add mushrooms and zucchinis and stir until juices are rendered, about 3 minutes. Add rice and stir to coat. Add wine and stir until mostly absorbed. Add broth one ladle at a time and stir until liquid is mostly absorbed before adding more liquid. Stir constantly, adding liquid, until rice is tender, 35-40 minutes. Stir in arugula and feta and rosemary. Serve!