Think Fresh: Mini Squash

Mini Squash

Is this not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? I bought a few bags of these mini zucchinis and mini patty pan squashes from the Farmer’s Market. I couldn’t help myself. They were almost too cute to eat, although I’m so glad I did because they have a mild and delicate flavor and cooked so easily, whole, tossed into a ragu of garlic, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. I poured the veggie mix over salmon, on a bed of spinach and it was a super tasty fresh dinner.

Squash is 90% water, so it is a very low cal veggie, which is high in Vitamin A and important elements: magnesium, copper and iron. Its flavor is so mild that it blends nicely with lots of other flavors.

Extra bonus: Even Picky Princess thought they were too adorable to resist.