I’m Inspired By: IronSister


Introducing a new member of my fig & fennel family….My Sister! Jacquelyn Iffa (hereafter referred to as IronSister) has been by far the most significant healthy-life inspiration in my life. She is honest, hilarious, disciplined, educated, witty, empowering, supportive, feisty, and amazing. All wrapped in the absolute prettiest of packages, she is the perfect sister!

Starting this week, IronSister is going to have a regular guest feature spot on fig & fennel. Here is a small snippet of why she is qualified. I’m sure you’ll be excited to read her thoughts after you see this impressive resume:

1. SuperFit – Jacquelyn has competed in Ironman Canada TWICE. Ironman, in case you aren’t familiar is an elite endurance race: 4km swim, 180km bike, 42.2km run (IN A ROW). She has run 20 marathons and this past May qualified for the Boston Marathon. Her commitment to fitness is inspiring and while some may think that she has simply been blessed with “those genes”, IronSister walked her way to jogging, jogged her way to running, and ran her way to an 85lb weight loss several years ago, launching herself into a life of fitness. You can check out more about her ironman adventures on her blog http://jacquelynruns.blogspot.com .

2. SuperHealthy – IronSister is, conveniently, a registered Holistic Nutritionist. She went to the Canadian College of Natural Nutrition and basically what it means is that she has to put up with approximately 9 phone calls from me per day asking things like: do I have to soak the quinoa first? how much protein is in one cup of chickpeas? what is the smoke point of grapeseed oil? can you think of any possible way for me to make cream cheese icing healthy? are you sure? She has provided me with a full education on nutritional information. She is my personal wikipedia.

3. SuperStrong – While she would definitely tell you, if you were sitting chatting with her over a cup of coffee, that her life has not been without some giant obstacles and definitely some pain, IronSister has bravely put one foot in front of another. She lived in Africa for a year, working with, loving and losing babies with AIDS. She fought her way out of an eating disorder that stole her peace for a few years and daily fights for health and wholeness, all the while empowering people on their own journeys. We all have a role to play in our Village. IronSister is the hand holder. She holds your hand halfway through the race when you want to quit, pulling you on, and the she holds your hand up in triumph as you cross the finish line. It’s her gift. She’s my gift.

So…be excited…good stuff to come. Little snippets of how to be healthy. Little bits of nutritional information. A little handholding.