Pretty Things: Squash Vases

squash vase arrangements

My beautiful and fabulous friend Marican, Culinary Girl herself, asked me to do some arrangements for a Thanksgiving Dinner she is catering tonight. I never turn down an opportunity to work with someone so talented and amazing, so I went out to get some flowers. I had initially intended to use pumpkins as vases, but lo and behold…it’s a bad year for pumpkins and I wasn’t going to run all over the city to find nice ones. So…I used squashes! They turned out to be so festive. Here is a very easy tutorial on how to make pretty squash vases!

1. Wash squashes. Cute about a 4 inch whole in the top of the squash.

scoop out seeds

2. Using a spoon, pop off the top and scoop out seeds.

3. Fill with about 2 inches of water

4. Arrange flowers inside squash. I used a variety of greens, sunflowers and roses.

The next time you need a festive arrangement or gift…Give it a try!