Think Fresh: Homemade Christmas

dried citrus slices

There are some things I really really love. My Family. My Sweet Little Girls. Pretty Things. Cooking. Christmas. (just to name a few, top of my mind tonight). This year I thought I would combine these particular loves and make Christmas a little more homemade. I have nothing against glitter and wrapping paper, and enjoy the collections of glass ornaments I’ve accumulated. But I’ve always wanted to decorate a tree with all natural, homemade things. Happily, it turned out to be exactly what I’d hoped for! Picky Princess helped me make most the decorations. What she didn’t help with, my girlfriends stopped by for fudge and popcorn stringing. I intended to make crafty little things,with natural products. It wasn’t until I decorated the tree that I realized that everything we made was…edible. I shouldn’t be surprised. I guess that’s where I’m crafty: in the kitchen. We made popcorn strings, cranberry strings, dried citrus slices, cinnamon stick ornaments, salt water taffy garland and peppermint wreaths.

Sometimes, just sometimes, it’s good to be reminded that we don’t need more. We don’t need more stuff, bigger toys, more glitter, more commercialism. We have each other. We have simple and beautiful things around us. I think this is the message of Christmas to me this year. Out of the very very ordinary, God did something utterly magical. Shepherds and sheep, simple people and a stable. ¬†And out of OUR ordinary families, ordinary talents, ordinary lives…well tonight anyway, with my Loves in front of our tree…it felt magical.

peppermint wreaths

cranberry strings

cinnamon sticks

salt water taffy garland

Picky Princess stringing cranberries

pretty tree