Recipe: Christmas Bark

christmas bark

I live to plan. No seriously, I LIVE to plan. I love to plan ahead, I have my girls next five birthday parties already planned out, I know what kind of cheesecake I’ll be making for Christmas dinner NEXT year, and I’m already slightly annoyed about how much spring cleaning has to be done this spring – MONTHS away. It’s just what I do. But I have learned, (slowly because I never planned to have to learn it), that spontaneity is ok. In fact, it might almost sometimes maybe perchance be fun. Christmas seems to be a bit of a time for spontaneous entertaining(the fun kind). Friends drop by, family invites you over, and even for someone who plans waaaaay ahead for everything, there is the odd time I am scrambling to whip up a dessert, or snack without a lot of forethought or prepped groceries. This recipe is utterly and completely simple. It requires as little as 2 ingredients. It forced me to wash one bowl and one spatula. It takes almost zero minutes to make. So I thought I’d share this yummy little treat with you so that if you get caught in a last minute spontaneous holiday cheer moment, you would still have something fabulous to make!

I do also feel that, in the spirit of generosity at Christmas, I need to share with you something that I’m pretty sure NONE of you know about me. I love marshmallows. No, you don’t even understand. I LOVE marshmallows. If I had to pick only one sweet thing to snack on for the rest of my life, it would be marshmallows. There. You have it. I’m like a 5 year old. Don’t judge.

Christmas Bark

1 bag of chocolate chips

add ins

Directions: in a microwave safe bowl(you all know never to microwave anything plastic right?), melt the chocolate chips. I definitely prefer dark chocolate, but do what you like. Microwave in 30 second intervals, stirring in between so chocolate doesn’t burn. Usually takes 1.5mins. Line a 8×8 cake pan with parchment or wax paper, so that there is overhang for easy removal. Pour chocolate onto paper and smooth around the bottom of the pan. Dump the add ins onto the melted chocolate. Here I used a couple of handfuls of marshmallows, a handful of pecans, and a handful of Christmasy M&Ms. Press in slightly to chocolate. Refrigerate until set(or freeze if you’re in a super big hurry). Pull parchment and bark out of pan. Use a large knife and cut into small squares. Voila.


White chocolate and cranberries and almonds

White chocolate and candy canes crumbled

Dark chocolate and 1tsp peppermint extract with peppermint patties

Milk Chocolate and toffee pieces

Milk chocolate and a variety of nuts

Dark chocolate and a sprinkling of fleur de sel

Dark chocolate and dried cherries and almonds

Milk chocolate and coconut flakes

Milk chocolate and rice crispies

Dark chocolate and peanut butter cups

The options are endless, which is why it’s so great. Use what you have!