local fare: Catch Oyster Bar

Sexy Husband and I got out last night. Date night. Like most people we know with little kids, we live waaaaay out in Calgary suburbs. Which is great. Friendly neighbors, parks on every block, preschool just down the street. But in our hearts, we both love the city. We love downtown. And living in the suburbs does not stop us from embracing as much downtown as we can. We go downtown for coffee a few times a week and try to get out for dinner or drinks once a week or so two. While our friends buy patio furniture and flat screen wall size tvs(which don’t get me wrong, thank God they do or where would we all break bread and watch movies together?), we fill our gas tank and pay the babysitter. We just love the energy of downtown, and the mix of people and food and culture.

Anyway, last night we went to Catch Oyster Bar. We’ve been once before, but late at night and only for dessert. One of my most fabulous friends is Catch’s very own pearl, so we went on a night she was serving and she brought out the red carpet. Not only did I sample a number of spectacular and unique wines, she had the chef prepare me an off-the-menu shellfish-free menu to accommodate my annoying allergy. I had a play on fish and chips, with spectacular alaskan cod, that literally melted away. Sexy Husband had moules et frites. Let’s be honest, he had moules, I had frites. I think he was a bit teary when the provencal sauce was gone. For dessert we had Catch’s sampler, a mini version of: okanagan pear crumble, frozen chocolate cherry ganache, dulce de leche cheesecake, vanilla bean creme caramel, and sticky toffee pudding. It honestly was all incredible.

alaskan cod

dessert sampler

Catch was recently rated Calgary’s number 1 restaurant, and I can completely see why. Not only is the food and wine spectacular, the service was exceptional, and the chef AND sommelier came by to chit chat. If you are in Calgary, you must check out Catch!

Thanks JR for such a great date night! xo

me with Catch's finest