Pretty Things: Squash Vases

squash vase arrangements

My beautiful and fabulous friend Marican, Culinary Girl herself, asked me to do some arrangements for a Thanksgiving Dinner she is catering tonight. I never turn down an opportunity to work with someone so talented and amazing, so I went out to get some flowers. I had initially intended to use pumpkins as vases, but lo and behold…it’s a bad year for pumpkins and I wasn’t going to run all over the city to find nice ones. So…I used squashes! They turned out to be so festive. Here is a very easy tutorial on how to make pretty squash vases!

1. Wash squashes. Cute about a 4 inch whole in the top of the squash.

scoop out seeds

2. Using a spoon, pop off the top and scoop out seeds.

3. Fill with about 2 inches of water

4. Arrange flowers inside squash. I used a variety of greens, sunflowers and roses.

The next time you need a festive arrangement or gift…Give it a try!

Baking: Sunny Citrus Cupcakes

citrus cupcakes

It is my dear friend’s birthday. She loves cupcakes(of course). So I determined to make some pretty cupcakes. I started with a pretty standard lemon cake recipe. Filled them with lime infused whipped cream, and glazed them with mandarin cream-cheese icing. They are citrusy and delicious and very very pretty. Just like she is.

lemony golden tops

So here’s a little tip for the next time you need to make cupcakes. You can make them highly impressive by adding a filling to them. Here’s how:

Make any kind of cupcake.

Make some whipped cream and add into it any flavor you like, raspberries, melted chocolate, citrus zest, cinnamon, maple syrup.

Make icing.

Think of the fun you can have! Here are some flavor ideas: white cake+raspberry whipped cream filling+chocolate icing. chocolate cake+cherry filling+chocolate icing. spice cake+maple whipped cream+caramel icing. chocolate cake+orange whipped cream+white chocolate icing. chocolate cake+raspberry filling+peanut butter icing.

So many options! To fill the cupcake, use a long pointy icing tip and a pastry bag. These are very inexpensive to buy and reusable. Wait until cupcakes are completely cool before filling. Poke pointy tip into cupcake center in about 3 different spots, careful not to overfill and have them crack apart.

One little tip…as much as pretty buttercream icing, piped six inches high, is delicious and wonderful. The filling in the cupcake adds to the sweetness, so a glaze or at least a smaller amount of icing leaves these cupcakes palatable without being too sweet(if there is such a thing).

Cupcakes are good for the soul. (but sugar is bad for the body, so eat as a treat!)

Voila. Pretty cupcakes for a pretty friend.

reasonable life motto

Pretty Things: Whippy Cake

"butter bean"

Let’s be honest. Who doesn’t want anything and everything to do with something as delicious sounding as Whippy Cake? I do I do! Seriously, I love this business. You must check them out! Becki and the lovely girls at Whippy Cake, design and make these fabulous glamor bands. Accessories that are hard to live without! They are quirky, they are over the top, they are perfection. As of today I am a proud owner of my very own Whippy Cake Glamor Band, “Butter Bean.”

Hmmm maybe I can talk Becki into a giveaway. Stay tuned! But definitely check out the prettiness or her great blog . She’s got some great make up tips and hair demos too!

Pretty Things: New Graphics!

Mark, my fabulous Graphic Designer Friend, updated fig & fennel’s look for me and gave me a great logo. I love it! If you need graphic work done, you should hire him. Check out his website . He is great to work with and for all of you who are venturing into blog land and want to take it to the next level, he’s got a basic intro blog package. Still some tweaks to do so don’t mind a few little interruptions!

Pretty Things: Cottage Tour

These gorgeous, adorable, perfect little cottages were all found within a block or so of where we stayed in Kelowna. Too pretty to not take a few pics of.