Favorite Things: Abeego

Abeego reusable wraps

Abeego is the coolest product! Have you ever heard of it? I definitely had NOT heard of it until Kristy-Anne gave it to me for my birthday. And it rocks my kitchen. Abeego is hemp and cotton fibres coated with beeswax and other natural products to make it a reusable non-plastic wrap for food. You wrap it on stuff like you would saran wrap, it kind of just sticks to itself to keep shape, and when you’re done, wash it in cold soapy water and reuse! It’s definitely my newest greenest discovery. The pack KA gave me came in 3 sizes. The smallest is wrapped around half an avocado, the medium one is wrapped around a block of cheese, and the biggest one I pinched into pocket and is holding half a loaf of bread. Amazing stuff.

If you’re looking for green kitchen tools, it’s not too late to ask Santa for some Abeego!

Favorite Things: Filled Pancake Pan

ebelskiver, filled pancakes

Hi! Welcome to a new category on fig&fennel: Favorite Things. If you have something you’d like me to review, send a message and I’ll happily do it!

This coming weekend, something shocking, terrifying, unspeakable is happening…I am turning 30. I don’t know why this birthday is weirding me out so much. When other people say they’re 30 I think, wow! young! When other people say they’re 40 I think, wow! young! But for whatever reason, I’ve had a bit of a hard time over the last couple of months reconciling it all. But now that the week is here, I’m feeling a bit better about it. What more could I possibly have wanted by 30? (ok I can tell you, counter space). I’ve tried hard to replace my freak out feelings with gratitude, which is always easy to do with Sexy Husband treating me like I’m perfection and Picky Princess entertaining me with her 4 year old wit, and Foodie Baby’s cheeks. It also helped that my mom took me for some hardcore birthday shopping today! My mom is amazing. She is honestly the most generous person in the world. I’m sure of it. If you like her socks, she will peel them off her feet for you. SERIOUSLY GENEROUS. And fun. So we went shopping. One of the treasures she bought me is this Filled Pancake Pan! Such a super fun gift, and of course I will make SURE that the whole Village benefits from it. Filled pancakes are regular pancakes that are…filled. You can fill them with anything and they turn out to be cute little round pancakes that seem almost like a donut. Amazing. We invited neighbors over to try it out tonight and they worked perfectly and were a total hit! These little treats are traditionally from Denmark and are called Ebelskiver.

Today I filled them with: Nutella(Sexy Husband’s second love), blueberries, apples cranberries and cinnamon, cheddar tomatoes and basil, goat cheese and dill. So everyone picked whichever kinds they wanted and we had our fill. I think they would be amazing with lemon curd, chocolate, ham and cheese, really the options are endless!

I followed the recipe that came with the pan and they were light and eggy. Next time I’ll experiment a bit with different flours and fillings. But if you are a regular breakfast/brunch connoisseur, or know someone who is, consider this as a great gift! We got this one from Williams Sonoma as you can see HERE.

Essentially, you heat the pan, pour in a tbs of batter. Plunk a tsp of filling in the middle, top with another tbs of batter, and then use a chopstick to flip it over to brown the other side. So easy and fun.

Happy Breakfast!

batter, then filling, then batter

here they've been flipped and puffed