Thoughts On: Dessert Tables

mini brunch table

Thanks to the likes of Amy Atlas, Goddess of Gorgeous, dessert tables have become a spectacular trend among party planners. The themes and ideas and colors and desserts are becoming ever more elaborate and amazing. I honestly am madly in love with dessert tables. There are zillions of great party and hostess blogs with incredible ideas. I have a couple of friends who do some really spectacular tables!

Foodie Baby is 2 years old today! We call her our Little Button, and she is about the sweetest, most delightful little package of pink. I love her soulful brown eyes, her cheeky smile, and her feisty ways. She makes having a 2 year old seem like the most perfect part of life.

I wanted to do something sweet to celebrate her today, but you know, she’s 2, so didn’t feel the need to do anything too enormous. So we put together a “mini” brunch table. It was simple and not time consuming but oh so sweet. All things mini for our Little Button: mini cupcakes(pink vanilla as she has chanted to me for a month), mini button cookies, mini chocolate milkshakes, mini marshmallows, mini olive scones, quiche and raspberries. I found a metal pillar candle holder that served as a mini cake platter, and a mini bud vase.

She chattered about how pretty it was all morning. Not knowing that all eyes were on her pretty little face, not the pretty cupcakes.

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!


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