Think Fresh: Broccoli

baked broccoli with feta and almonds

Quick! What’s the first vegetable you think of? Broccoli, I knew it! The broccoli floret does seem to be the North American poster child of vegetables. It kind of has a reputation as being such a despised vegetable (ewwww eat your  broccoli!) But really, most people I know, and even most kids I know, including my own, love broccoli. Too often, broccoli is steamed to death, limp and mushy. But there are so many ways to make broccoli.

SUPER high in Vitamin C, one serving of broccoli(about 1 cup chopped) contains 135% of your daily recommended amount! It is also super high in Vitamin K and a significant source of folate and fibre. So when our mothers told us to eat our broccoli, they were right!

If you are tired of plain steamed broccoli, and too health conscious to douse it in creamy cheese sauce, here are a few fresh ideas for broccoli.

Baked Broccoli (pictured above) – steam broccoli just for a couple of minutes, until just tender. Place in a baking dish and top with crumbled feta and almonds. Bake until the top is browning nicely, about 30 mins (or broil just a few at the end for a deeper golden top). I ate this yesterday as an entree with a rose sauce.

Broccoli pesto – I usually make mine with broccoli, raw and cooked, almonds, parm, garlic and lemon.  This recipe from 101 cookbooks is absolutely perfect!

Stirfry – Broccoli is perfect stir fried with some ginger, teriyaki sauce and a hot pepper. Fiery and delicious!

Grilled – grilled until crispy, broccoli has an amazing texture and nutty flavor. Dip it in a homemade tzatziki sauce for a fun and different side dish!

There you go, some broccoli ideas. Like I’ve mentioned before…Picky Princess will eat anything she considers small and cute. Cut up broccoli into the tiniest of florets and plant as a mini forest in the rice, barley, quinoa, side dish you have. Always a hit around here!

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  1. jwhaightiii
    Nov 17, 2010 @ 13:20:14

    Looks delicious, we’ll have to try this!


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