Recipe: Barley with Red Pepper Feta Sauce

barley with red pepper feta sauce

Whoa, dinner inspirations around here this week! I guess it’s only Tuesday, but I’m on a roll! Sexy Husband LOVES barley. We all are pretty consistent barley fans around here, so tonight’s dinner was so ridiculously simple, it’s almost embarrassing to refer to it as a recipe. It’s more like a dinner IDEA.

Here’s how you do it:

Make the barley. Personally I use pot barley, which is less refined than pearl barley. It does take a little bit longer to cook, ok about double the time, 40 minutes or so. Use what you have. I’m sure it would fine with rice, bulgur, couscous, pasta etc. To make barely you just rinse it(well), and then boil it until just tender, drain extra water. Voila.

In a hot oven(400 or so), roast a few red peppers until nice and soft. In a food processor, puree peppers with about 1 cup crumbled feta. Spoon red pepper feta sauce onto barley.

So easy and delicious!


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