Thoughts On: Why I Cook

Foodie Baby's got the joy

Food unites us. We are all equal at the table. No matter how rich or poor, how successful or struggling, how strong or weak, we all need to eat. Frequently.

Food provides us with reason to pause. To be grateful. To slow down(even for a second or two) and care for ourselves.

Food pleases our senses. Our smell, sight, touch.

Food nourishes our bodies. It gives us strength to do the things we love. To move and breathe and play. When we eat healthy food we have color in our skin, skip in our step.

Food comforts us. It invites community. It is welcoming.

Cooking allows me to be part of these valuable things. It allows me to be part of my children being nourished and growing, on the most cellular level. It allows me to have a table where people are welcome and cared for. To sit at my table is to be my family. Cooking allows me to teach my girls about gratitude and nature. About beauty and the miraculous. About kindness and generosity. Cooking stimulates all my senses, which is a gift to my creative soul.

It may seem menial. It may seem burdensome. It may seem mundane. But to me…these are my people who need to be fed. These are my friends who need to be loved. This is the earth, created to be enjoyed. This to me…is life.


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