Local Fare: Silk Road Spice Merchants

Picky Princess "making soup"

rows and rows of exotic spices


pretty gift boxes and refillable bottles

If you live in Calgary, or are visiting Calgary you should definitely stop by Silk Road Spice Merchants. Kelci and Colin, owners, fashionistas, and the loveliest faces I see at the Farmer’s Market each week have just branched out from their market store, to a store in trendy Ramsay 2010 11st SE. They specialize in spices from all over the world. I’ve honestly never been in such a one-stop shop like this one. Every Friday at the Market, I leave Picky Princess jumping in the bouncy castle with Sexy Husband close by and sneak over to their kiosk. This is where my spending money goes. Each week Kelci is on hand with exciting news of the latest mix for me to try, or Colin is happy to explain to me which region I should get the cinnamon from. I love them and secretly consider them my friends(I guess it’s not a secret anymore!)

The new store just opened up last week so Picky Princess and I ventured down there today to check it out. She LOVED the vintage wooden kitchen set and went right to work making soup while I perused. It is gorgeous: exposed brick, hard wood floor, perfect warm light. The exotic looking furniture is reason enough to check it out; made me dream of shopping in markets in Asia, and purchasing vintage treasures from the Middle East.

My personal collection of their spices includes: green thai curry, tandoori masala, fleur de sel, saigon cinnamon, lavender, marrakesh salmon rub, saltwater chili lime seasoning, aleppo chiles and greek seasoning. And because I want YOU to see just what I’m talking about, I’ve got a fig & fennel first ever GIVEAWAY!!!! Here’s how you do it. Go to their website http://silkroadspices.ca and click on browse our spices. Then leave me a comment with which spice you would love to try. I will enter all the names into a hat and draw later this week. I will mail the winner 2 fabulous spice bottles: Silk Road All Purpose Blend and (my favorite) Saigon Cinnamon.

You can also follow their blog at http://silkroadspices.wordpress.com and make sure to check out this great article on them from Calgary Avenue Magazine: http://www.avenuecalgary.com/articles/page/item/style-q-%2526amp%3B-a%3A-kelci-hind%2C-colin-leach

Good Luck!


23 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sheila Muirhead
    Sep 14, 2010 @ 16:39:58

    Oh…what a wonderful site!! MMM..hard to choose just one…but because today is an Eyore kind of day in the weather department…the kinds of smells that I would like wafting from my kitchen would be the blend in “English Mixed Spice”. I will definitely check Silk Road out the next time Im at the farmers market! I love your blog Allison!


  2. Lori
    Sep 14, 2010 @ 17:01:50

    My favourite spices are cumin and nutmeg, so I’d love to try either of those. I will certainly check this store out soon. maybe this weekend.
    I hope I win, though!
    (btw I really enjoy your blog)


  3. Monika
    Sep 14, 2010 @ 17:22:28

    Hi Alison, how thoughtful of you! Thanks for opening our senses to such wonderful spices. After perusing the abundant variety, I would love to try the Vanilla Lavender blend. I have never cooked/baked with lavender and have always wanted to; vanilla bean is a staple for me so the two together I would love to try.

    Thanks again!

    P.S please pick me. thank you.


  4. tdhncamp
    Sep 14, 2010 @ 18:00:19

    What a unique vibe that store has! I will definitely have to plan a trip up there with the girls, how would you ever decide what to buy!!! All looks so great! Having said that, i am a huge chai fan and would have to go with Chai Masala. Sounds soooo yummy!!!


  5. Alex Neary
    Sep 14, 2010 @ 18:07:57

    Since Rose is one of my favourite names, smells and flowers….I’d like to try their Rose Petals. Can’t imagine how lovely a Rose and Lavender Honey Muffin would taste!


  6. Lisa
    Sep 14, 2010 @ 19:45:05

    WOW!! Where to start with all those spices. I would like to try them all and be adventurous! I am most inclined to try the Mexican spices…the chili powders…they look full of flavor and aroma!!
    I found a few things that I may order on line. There is too much to choose from though…guess I could start with one or two and build my collection from there!


  7. Joelle Doering
    Sep 14, 2010 @ 19:55:02

    Thank you for showing us this fabulous new store. SO many of these spices I have looked for…sigh…I will be going for sure next time I am down in Cow town.
    I will try many of these, but the few that jumped out were the whole black summer truffles and I always love multi coloured peppercorns, I think they look so much better then plain black pepper on food.
    I also liked the idea of vanilla lavender…beautiful!
    Thank lady, so fun;)




  8. Devon
    Sep 14, 2010 @ 20:18:44

    Great place Alison, thanks for sharing! I would love to try the vanilla sugar, and the lemon pepper….among many others!!


  9. Jessica C
    Sep 14, 2010 @ 22:31:35

    The cinnamon chili rub sounds fun to try! Love, LOVE, LOVE the blog! I can’t wait to win! 🙂


  10. Amy
    Sep 15, 2010 @ 09:42:31

    I have been on their website for the last hour! I think you’ve just passed on a new obsession for me. My practical side would love to try their All Purpose Blend. I love having no fuss items on hand that you know will taste amazing with anything. I’m also salivating over the Spiced Vanilla Sugar.


  11. Alita Allen
    Sep 15, 2010 @ 09:55:14

    OH MY!!! what a very cool website!! i would LOVE to try the vanilla spiced sugar (does that count as a healthy spice though???!!!!) i just love vanilla……and the English Mixed Spice sounds super tasty too as well as the cinnamon chilli rub!!! what a great way to spice up your food! And i too LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog.


  12. Lindsay
    Sep 15, 2010 @ 10:27:44

    My pick is for the Juniper Berry Spice Rub! Thanks for highlighting their new store on your blog! I will definately be heading to Ramsay this weekend to check it out.


  13. Rachel Richmond
    Sep 15, 2010 @ 11:07:58

    Yummy…. what a beautiful website! I would have to say Greek Seasoning as this damp weather is making me dream of the Mediterranean, and their description of the blend is making me hungry !!!!


  14. figandfennel
    Sep 15, 2010 @ 12:31:08

    oh SO MANY of those sound good, makes me want to try all of them! (which I will, in time I’m sure)


  15. kjanzen
    Sep 15, 2010 @ 13:33:25

    Um, how do I choose? They all look amazing! I think I would choose the Thai Green Curry Powder, and then something for baking, like the Vanilla Sugar or the Pumpkin Pie, perfect for fall!!!
    Yay for your first give-a-way, and a great one at that!


  16. Leanne
    Sep 15, 2010 @ 15:01:25

    MMMM….. this is a tough one. I think I will go with the Basil…. any of them…. as the smell of Basil just makes me really happy!


  17. Heather
    Sep 17, 2010 @ 16:01:05

    Giveaways! Amazing. This is so legit! I’m going to go with Juniper Berry Spice Rub because that sounds divine!


  18. carolyn neary
    Sep 17, 2010 @ 16:38:42

    Who doesn’t get excited about a giveaway!


  19. Charise Friesen
    Sep 17, 2010 @ 17:14:58

    Greek and Mediterranean food are my absolute favorite, but I always cook savory dishes in this cuisine, rarely sweets or desserts. So to broaden my ‘culinary skills’, my pick would be Mahleb spice. Never having heard of it before browsing Silk Roads website, it immediately caught my interest. I’ve already found some yummy recipes using this spice. I will make Silk Road a definate MUST the next time we are in Calgary!

    Thank-you Alison for your dedication to making us all think about and work toward maintaining healthy lifestyles and families!
    PS. if I am lucky enought to win, I will give you an address in Calgary 😉


  20. Debbi DePape
    Sep 17, 2010 @ 18:22:15

    Choices choices… the two that caught my eye were Herbes de Provence, and Apple Pie spice! Although, there may not be a wrong choice 🙂


  21. Terri Lynn
    Sep 17, 2010 @ 18:45:11

    count me in! I’d love to win a giveaway!


  22. Angela
    Sep 17, 2010 @ 19:59:49

    mmmm. so hard to decide. I think I would like to try the Saltwater Chili-Lime and the Herbes de Provence!!!!


  23. Cheryl Arkison
    Sep 24, 2010 @ 11:41:50

    I heart them because Colin found me Tonka Beans. It’s my obsession.


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