Local Fare: Saskatoon Berry Farm


Berry Picking

Today we ventured out to the Saskatoon Berry Farm to do some berry picking! There is something completely and utterly satisfying about picking your own berries. I cannot escape these romantic notions in my head: of teaching my girls about how this is where our food comes from, pulling them in a wagon, storm clouds brewing in the distance, purple stained hands. And it was just a perfect little morning, storm clouds and all! Foodie Baby ate her body’s weight in berries. Picky Princess decided that she doesn’t like saskatoon berries, but picked at lightning speed, filling her bucket before mine!

I think there is amazing value in children learning that food comes from somewhere. It doesn’t just appear in the form of a grilled cheese sandwich. It comes from the miraculous; it comes from the hard work of people, and it comes from the earth. I hope my little people learn, from these little treks, to be grateful for something as simple yet essential as the food we eat. Grateful to a Creator, grateful to Farmers, grateful to Mommy.

The Saskatoon Berry Farm is located 18 kms South of Calgary city limits. It is open all year minus 3 days, and has 50 acres of u-pick fields! It has a cute little cafe and gift shop, and a nursery full of pretty hanging baskets.

Stay tuned for some yummy Saskatoon Berry recipes! I’ve actually got some really exciting things in the works right now! Interviews with inspiring people, features on exciting places…maybe even a cookbook recipe or two!

Foodie Baby with her berries

Picky Princess with a nearly full bucket


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