Think Fresh: Blackberry Mint Iced Tea

The highlight of my week is always my Friday morning trek to the Calgary Farmer’s Market. I always leave with bags full of local organic produce and a heart full of inspiration. Sometimes, once the euphoria has subsided slightly, and I unpack my bags full of treasures, I find things that, realistically, I may not have a whole lot of purpose for. A few weeks in a row now, I’ve made it home with ENORMOUS bunches of fresh mint. And while I like mint, and use it as a pretty garnish on desserts, and in the odd dish, I don’t actually need to have more mint than spinach in the house. Until today. With a little of this and barely any of that, I’ve come up with my favorite new summer drink. Blackberry Mint Iced Tea. So fresh, so simple.

Blackberry Mint Iced Tea

Fill a large tea pot with boiling water and as much fresh mint as you have. Steep for 10 minutes. Pour into a jug and add fresh or frozen blackberries. Chill and serve!

Oh wonderful summer!


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